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Valentine NInja Coupons for Kids

Melissa Bastow

Tags Valentines

valentine ninja coupon book

These tough little ninjas want to wish your short little love a happy Valentine's Day!  I wrote all the coupons with my own kids in mind, so I sure hope they apply to other kids as well.  They are good for things like not eating your vegetables one time, one hour of video game time, and pancakes at any time of the day (my kids can't be the only kids who want pancakes all the time, right?)  

This printable Valentine coupon book is free and super easy to use!  Just right click on the image below and select print or save from the menu that pops up.  Print it on white cardstock and cut out each page.  Punch a hole through each guide on the side (it's ok if your holes are a little bit bigger).  Stack the pages together and string a ribbon or craft string through the holes, and tie the book together.  Then all you have to do is give the coupon book to your favorite kid!  Or make one for each know, if you like more than one of them.

valentine ninja printable coupon book


If you'd like to create matching cards or printables you can get the Valentine Ninja clipart in our shop!

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