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Valentine Tic Tac Toe Fabric Hearts

Melissa Bastow

Tags Valentines

fabric tic tac toe for Valentine's Day

Little kids love to play tic tac toe over and over and over and over and....  These cute fabric hearts are an easy way to make a reusable tic tac toe game that can be enjoyed especially around Valentine's Day!  And using the fleece fabric helps the pieces stay in place if you have a little wiggle kid who can't help but bump the game.

This is what you'll need to make your own heart tic tac toe boards:

First, cut 3 large hearts out of each fleece piece, setting the extra fabric aside.  You can create a heart stencil to cut these, free hand them, or fold the fabric in half and cut both sides of the heart starting in the middle.


Cut little hearts out of the remaining fleece fabric.  You're going to need 30 little hearts total, if you're making 3 boards.  Make them all the same size (this part I recommend that a paper stencil or pattern for sure).  


Using your marker, draw a tic tac toe board on each of the big hearts.  If you have other colors of markers you can use them, just as long as they are dark enough to show up on your fabric!

Now you're ready to play endless games of tic tac toe!  Each player takes turns placing their hearts on the board until someone wins (or more accurately you LET them win)!


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