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Valentine's Dinner Menu Planner Printable

Melissa Bastow

Plan the perfect Valentine's Day dinner with this easy to use dinner menu planner!  It has a place to write in a shopping list, a spot for drinks, main dish, side dishes, desserts, and decorations.  It also has a cute little Star Wars guy on it, because everyone knows that with a Storm Trooper you really can't miss.....oh wait....  (see what I did there?  I made a "Storm Trooper's never hit any of their targets" joke.)

This printable not only is super fun to use, but it will help keep all the info organized and make you a master of planning.  Your dinner will turn out fabulous and everyone will love it - but only if you use our printable.  Just kidding, I'm sure your valentine would be happy with microwave dinners and soda, as long as you're there.  But get our printable menu planner anyway, ok?

To get the free menu planning printable just right click on the link below and select print or save:


And if you want to get our matching Star Heroe's Valentine clipart set, you can snag it in our shop!

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