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Watercolor Halloween Cupcake Wrappers Printable

Melissa Bastow

Tags halloween

halloween cupcake wrappers

It's not too early to start prepping for Halloween parties!  Whether it's a class party or a spooktacular event at home, you're going to want to make it awesome. (Because Halloween is the best!)  And these cupcake wrapper printables can help you do just that.

These are super easy to use - just print them on white cardstock and cut them out.  Adhere the flap to the other side of the wrapper and slide them on the bottom of a finished cupcake.  So easy, and so much fun!

To get this free cupcake wrappers printable just right click on the image below and select save or print from the menu that pops up.

watercolor halloween printable


And check out the tops of these cupcakes, they're pretty sweet.  And no, I didn't frost them - I do not have those skills.  Believe it or not I found them at Walmart.  Yeah, Walmart.  Crazy.  They are super stellar looking....however they did dye our mouths black for about half a day and then we all pooped in weird colors.  But still, they look awesome!

black rose cupcakes


Hey, you still here?  Great!  Because I bet you're wanting to make more printables and fun party decor with this matching Halloween Clipart, right?  I knew it.

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