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Waterless Snowglobe Craft Tutorial

Melissa Bastow

waterless snowglobe craft

Looking for a fun craft to do on a cold winter's day?  This waterless snowglobe is lots of fun to put together and can be a fun project to work on with the kids.  Plus the possibilities for what you put inside is endless - snowglobes aren't just for Christmas, they can be enjoyed year round!  


• Wide Mouth Jar with Lid

• Small Figurines of any kind (make sure they fit inside the jar)

Fake Snow

• Glue Gun

While your glue gun is heating up wipe out the jar so there is no dust. Set the lid aside to use for later.

Decide where you want the figurines to be inside the jar. Once you’ve got your layout planned put little dollops of hot glue on the bottom of the jar and carefully place the figures. Make sure not to get glue anywhere else on the jar or else you’ll have snow stuck in places you don’t want it.

Once the glue is completely dry you can start shoveling in the snow. To simplify things, and keep snow from sticking all over the figurines, tilt the jar to the side and use a spoon to get the snow all the way to the bottom of the jar.

Fill the bottom of the jar with enough snow to cover the base of the figurines and keep filling until you’re satisfied.

Once you have put in enough fake snow it's time to close the jar for good.  Line the lid with hot glue and then screw the lid on tight. The glue will heat up the metal of the lid so be careful not to burn yourself!

You can get creative and see how many different sizes and styles of snowglobes you can make!  What's the most unique figurine you can think to put inside?  Maybe make it a contest out of it...winter can get pretty boring without something to liven it up. 

waterless snowglobe craft

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