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Word Families - AN and ET

Melissa Bastow

AN word family and ET word family

I've decided to back off of word families for a bit with my son's learning.  Which is the beauty of homeschool - if you're feeling overwhelmed then change what you're doing!  We're still learning LOTS and will throw in a word family or two when we're having a particular ambitious week.

Here are some free printables so you can practice the AN and ET word families too!  Just right click on the images below and click save or print.

AN word family free printable

ET word family free printable

I hope these help your little learners as much as they help mine!  You can use these free printable as much as you want at home, or in your own classroom.  But please do not share the files.  Send your friends, family, and followers here to download their copy of the word family animals!

And if you're in the mood to get some more fun stuff while you're here - check out this silly car clipart set!

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