Word Families - AT and UN

Word Families - AT and UN

AT UN word family animal wheels free printable

We are covering two word families each week for our kindergarten homeschool.  There are lots of options out there for things like this, but I thought my son would be more interested if he got to pick the animals we use each week.

Last week we learned about AT and UN word families and we made a monkey and rhino - not because those animals have anything to do with the the word families, just because they happened to be in my son's head when I asked.  (Except he couldn't remember what a rhino was called and asked for "the animal that is like a hippo but has a horn coming out the top of it's nose".)

You can make your own rotating AT and UN word family wheels with these free printables.

at word family printable for school or homeschool


un word family printable for school or homeschool



1- Right click on both pages, select "save image as" and follow the instructions.

2- Print both pages on white cardstock.  Regular paper won't work very well, you definitely need thick paper for this.

3- Cut out both pieces for each wheel.

4- Place the colored letter circle behind the animal and try to make sure both circles are lined up at the center.

5- Attach the pieces with a brad on the X of the animal circle.



1- Line a letter up in the mouth of the animal.

2- Have your student read the word.

3- Rotate the wheel to the next letter and repeat.  Emphasize how the ending never changes (my 5 year old struggled with this concept until we did the wheel a couple times, which I guess is the point of having a rotating word family animal wheel in the first place...)


Look for new freebies for the word families we're covering every week!!  We'll keep doing them until my son gets bored of them, or I get tired of making them.....because that's how life is going right now!

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