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Cute Mermaids Washi Tape

Cute Mermaids Washi Tape

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This colorful and fun washi tape features a cute octopus, seahorse, and four different mermaids! It's high quality, vibrant, and can stick and restick easily! It's so much fun to stick on things that my desk is currently covered in random strips of washi tape. Although it would probably be better used in your planner, or on a card, or a gift, or, you know, somewhere other than where I'm supposed to be working?

• Sold as single rolls
• 15mm x 10m per roll
• No residue when removed
• Sticks to most surfaces
• Each roll comes wrapped in protective plastic (as pictured)

Orders ship out First Class USPS every Thursday and Monday. Please be mindful of delays due to weather, social unrest, or COVID-19 :(

Happy washi-ing!!  (Ew, that sounds too much like "washing" which just makes me think of laundry.)

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