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Free World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Digital Clipart Image

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Free World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Digital Clipart Image
Human trafficking is a huge problem worldwide.  2020 has been especially horrible for children.  So for the first time ever there is a World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.  Join the worldwide event by finding an event near you, or donating to a charity that helps rescue or stop trafficking.
My favorite charity is Operation Underground Railroad.  They have helped rescue 3800 victims around the world.  And they could really use support.  Learn more about how you can help at OUR Rescue.  Or donate directly to their cause.

This is a free high resolution PNG graphic to use how you wish.  It is a small thank you for your attention and support.  Please help the children of the world by donating and spreading the word!
You can use our graphics on any personal or non-profit project with no credit as long as no money is made. This set was made to help teachers and is reflected in the pricing so no file sharing or selling any or all parts of this set. Small commercial use is ok as long as you credit the artwork with a link to my website/etsy/tpt shop so teachers know where to find matching art for their classrooms.  Absolutely no embroidery digitizing.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Original design by © Melissa Bastow

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