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This is a huge set of sock monkey printable counting games for your child to play. You'll get TEN PAGES of activities all centered on sock moneys and counting from 1-10. I suggest printing everything on thick paper and laminating all the pieces so they can withstand little fingers and last a long time! Plus, if you laminate, you can have your child write on the cards with a dry erase marker, and then you can easily clean it off so they can play again later!

This PDF comes with:
• instructions
• 10 cards where your child has to SELECT the correct number of monkeys
• 10 cards where your child has to WRITE the correct number of monkeys
• 10 sock monkey cards in which to play matching and counting games
• 3 pages of SEQUENCE WRITING counting up to ten

You can use this in your classrooms at home or school. You're free to print as many copies as you need for your own class, but please buy additional licenses if you'll be sharing with other teachers. Thanks!