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  • School Planner Printable

    school planner printable

    I have two kids out of elementary school now and I can't keep their schedules and homework straight.  Once you throw in their elementary school siblings, and the toddler, my brain is just FRIED.  (Let's be honest, my brain actually burnt out quite awhile ago).  And besides, they're old enough to start being responsible for their own classes and homework, right? 

    Except they have no idea how.  I blame myself, because I am not a paragon of structure and organization (I'm more of an impulsive explosion of craziness...with structure forced upon it...if that's a thing?)


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  • Ham and Cheese "Sushi" Lunch Tutorial

    fun school lunch idea

    Get creative with school lunches with this easy to make Ham and Cheese sushi roll up.  It's fake sushi and safe to send to school!  The best part though is that it's super fun and will make your child's day a little happier when they open their lunch box to find these!

    This is what you'll need to make these ham and cheese sushi roll ups:

    • 9 oz. Thin Smoked Ham
    • 1 Pkg. Spinach Tortillas
    • 1-2 Cups Shredded Mozzarella
    • ½ -1 Cup Sour Cream
    • 1-2 Small Pickle Cucumbers
    • ½ -1 Cup Carrots
    • ½...

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  • 20 DIY Backpacks and Accessories for Back to School

    DIY backpack

    Go back to school in custom style!  These DIY backpacks and accessories are fun to do and will make your child stand out like the super star that they are!


    DIY kitty backpack

    The Paper Mama - DIY Kitty Backpack


    DIY monster and cat backpack

    Lia Griffith - DIY Kids Monster and Kitty Backpacks


    DIY Plus Pillow Backpack

    Aww Sam - DIY Plush Pillow Backpack


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  • Back to School Labels Printable

    school label stickers

    If the idea of writing your child's name in sharpie on everything isn't your idea of a good time, then may I suggest these cute back to school alpaca printable sticker labels?  Sure you'll still have to write your kids name over and over, but atleast everything will be cute and a little more exciting then just black marker.

    These are super easy to use.  Just print them on matte sticker paper at home and cut them apart.  They'll stick to most hard surfaces like pencil boxes, lunch boxes, crayon boxes, (lots of boxes), text...

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  • Free Back to School Planner Stickers

    back to school planner stickers

    As the weeks of summer pass I'm getting a little closer to seeing the value in having my kids go back to school.  I'm still not pumped for the preparation and schedules, but it wouldn't be terrible to have a little alone time with everyone out of the house.  So I don't really mind using these free printable stickers in my planner to start thinking ahead!  How about you?

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